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Newsletter June 2019

Welcome to the next edition of the newsletter at Back in Balance Bodywork. It’s been a great month here at the office. I’ve had the pleasure of helping clients with Post-Polio Syndrome, frozen shoulder, stroke, migraines, and a whole list of other things. I am revisiting the course this month for a total of 6 days of hands on training! I am even going to see my Canadian friends in Toronto.

The testimonials are coming in. 40 year-old case of whiplash is now resolved, my stroke patient mentioned above is living better with more range of motion, migraines are getting easier to fix, and much more. There are almost no limits to what RAPID Therapy can help with.

Now what is RAPID Therapy. RAPID Neurofasical Reset is a new soft tissue technique designed to alleviate soft tissue restrictions throughout the body. The highly trained therapist using pressure and movement will engage the nervous system to shut down pain signals being sent to the brain. I know it’s that simple.

Treatment is done over loose, comfortable clothing. Sessions tend to last from 30 to 45 minutes. And issues that bring the client in are dramatically reduced.

What is there to expect after treatment? Sometimes after therapy clients can feel a bit sore. Usually that soreness will last no more than a day or two. If it persists longer, the therapist will lighten the tension on the tissue.

Call us today and find out how you can get out of pain!

See you next month and remember my friends pain is not a lifestyle.

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