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Rapid NeuroFascial Reset Specialist

Derrick brantley lmt

Rapid Neurofascial reset  specialist

Derrick is a licensed massage therapist who is passionate about bringing customized manual therapy solutions that improve vitality and health for his clients. In addition to his extensive educational training, Derrick has been fortunate to work alongside chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers, and acupuncturists. He works exclusively specializes in Rapid NeuroFascial Reset. Conditions he treats include soft tissue injuries, whiplash, frozen shoulder, sciatica, planter fasciitis and TMJ. 

For many clients, the primary goal is the elimination of pain and the acceleration of tissue healing. Derrick integrates everything he has learned into one specialized treatment based on the patient's needs. Derrick's clients often achieve immediate improvement.  He will always perform bodywork with a professional and empathetic bedside manner.